The Marinetti Sweatshirt
Model: Muneera Alawadhi
The Better Lovers Marinetti Sweatshirts are one-of-a-kind garments: each vintage sweatshirt is painted by hand.

Available at Lobo Mau
700 S 6th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147
The name comes from F.T. Marinetti's Tactilism Manifesto: I was naked in the silky water that was torn by rocks, foamy scissors knives razors, among the iodine-filled mattresses of seaweed. I was nude in the sea of flexible steel, which had a fertile and virile breathing. I drank from the goblet of the sea filled to the rim with genius. The sun, with its long roasting flames, vulcanised my body and bolted the keel of my forehead rich with sails. A working-class boy, Who smelled of salt and hot stone, looked, smiling, at my first tactile board:"Having fun making little boats?!"
I answered: "Yes, I'm building a craft that will take the human spirit to unknown waters."

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