The Marinetti Sweatshirt 2020

Model: Muneera Alawadhi
Bench + Garment by Better Lovers

'A large plate containing a wide variety of
raw and cooked green vegetables without any dressing or sauce is placed in
front of each guest. The greens can be nibbled at will but only by burying
the face in the plate, without the help of the hands, so as to inspire a true
tasting with direct contact between the flavours and the textures of the
green leaves on the skin of the cheeks and the lips. Every time the diners
raise their heads from the plate to chew, the waiters spray their faces with
perfumes of lavender and eau de Cologne.'

- dish 3, menu, 'the tactile dinner party'
Formula by the Futurist Aeropainter

// The Futurist Cookbook, 1932

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